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Sports massage, what is it?

What's a sports massage? Is it just for sports people? Is it worth having?

A sports massage is a massage technique which manipulates the soft tissue (connective tissue, everything in the body that is not bone or cartilage) so the muscle, ligaments, tendons, fascia and the skin. It's a deeper massage technique than you would typically find in a beauty room. Although some people find a sports massage nice and relaxing this is not always the case due to the depth of which the massage goes. It's designed to work through the muscles assisting in correcting problems and decreasing recovery time. Its particularly effective with those who have a high repetitive strenuous trauma and physical activity ie. Runners. A good sports massage before and after exercise may enhance performance in a sporting environment. Due to the ability of the muscle fibres to work efficiently producing the greatest force whilst depositing and dealing with the by-product of that. After exercise a sports massage is thought to aid recovery and help with injury prevention. By detecting any issue of which may be arising.

Just because of the name, you don't need to be a sporty person to need or feel the benefit of a sports massage. As mentioned above the massage itself works to deep layers of muscle within the body. Issues can always arise from day to day activities and not just sport. This can lead on to chronic problems from just being sat at work all day. With a restricted movement pattern or pain when reaching to get something out of the kitchen cupboard.

There is no specific time to get a sports massage. There are a few times in which they would be ideal. If you have a big event coming up then a massage a few days before to loosen up would be ideal. Also post that event to help reset your body after the event. In a non- sporty scenario if you have a pain of which you feel it to be muscular then this would also be an ideal time. As with a sports massage it is concentrated on a specific area of the body.

Hopefully you found this post of interest and helps you understand of what to expect from a sports massage.

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