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Rocktape - What is it? How does it work?

What is rocktape? It is a brand of kinesiology tape of which is one of the most well known in the world. It is used by many different athletes across a whole variety of sports. It's many different uses and functions from support to speeding up recovery time and delaying fatigue. All of which are why you may see top level sports people wearing this bright coloured tape on different parts of their bodies. So, where can it be put? Anywhere in a word. The tape can be applied to different areas of the body for any of the reasons mentioned below. Anything from legs, ankles all the way up to the neck and shoulders. Including everything in between.

Why would I use Rocktape or any form of kinesiology tape for that matter? It's primary use and it's main reason for application is due to the effect of decompression on the skin. This means that the tape and the way it is applied to the body lifts the skin and fascia away from the muscle. Of which allows the by-products caused by inflammation to be removed quicker and easier by the body. This way would mean that blood and other nutrients carried in the blood is able to get to the muscles easier in turn speeding up any recovery to the soft tissue which needs to occur.

Taping can be used by anyone not just athletes or sporty people. In clinic I tend to apply tape to people to help them correct postural problems which then is creating pain through a different area of the body. As with the tape it moves with the body. You can buy different types of braces which pull you to the 'ideal' posture however with this rigid braces the muscle tissue 'switches off' so the muscles aren't doing their job properly. When you take the brace off the muscle tissue will just pull back to it's original position. Tape will give you a little reminder when you are perhaps not in the position you should be. Due to the elasticity in the tape it will move with you but you'll feel it pulling to then encourage you to go back to the set position. Over a period of time the muscles will have built up strength in them to hold the desired position on their own.

With the London marathon just around the corner and marathon running season on the horizon you will more than likely see a lot of taping applied to runners of all shapes and sizes. When running on hard ground it is important to wear the best footwear to protect the joints from the repetitive strain of running. It is a very one dimensional activity of which is repeated over and over and over again. When running the forces going through your body can be up to 10x the normal ground reaction force as to when you walk. Taping in this case can also assist with this and reduce pain symptoms which may occur. As well as being there as a bit of support for the body. When taping a joint ie a knee for running it can help reduce the forces which occur by distributing them to other nearby areas through the fascia, ligaments and on occasions bones. Which reduces the stress which would be put through the joint.

Hopefully you found this interesting. Good luck if you have any races coming up soon. Any questions drop me an email.

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