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New Year, New You, New Injury

With the end of January closing in. We've had a busy few weeks at the clinic with people coming in who are kicking 2019 off with a big push in their fitness regime.

However with this they're yet to think about the best ways to recover post exercise. Resulting in little aches and pains in areas of the body which they never thought muscles exist.

A common one we've seen recently is a quite a bit of knee pain from people taking up jogging as there preferred choice of exercise. The sudden shock to the system is putting the knee joint through a whole heap of different stresses and forces it never experienced before. So if you're reading this and thinking yes my knees are beginning to have that dull ache feeling in them. Don't worry as this little tip maybe able to help you out.

Try and stretch out your quadriceps group of muscles as well as the standard calf stretch 99% of runners do before and after a run. The quadriceps are located at the top of your leg also referred to quite often as your thigh.

A nice easy stretch to this part of the leg with a step by step guide below;

1- Hold on to railing or something sturdy.

2- Bend the leg st the knee, of the leg you would like to stretch. Trying to get your heel as close as you ca n towards your bum.

3- Reach back and hold the ankle of that leg.

4- Try to get both knees next to each other whilst holding on to the ankle.

5- Hold the stretch for around 90 seconds

6- Repeat the process on the opposite leg.

Hope you found this helped. Happy running and good luck for your fitness in 2019.

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