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Changing up your Training

Are you one of these people who enjoys to workout, play sport, generally active, or even just taking on life head on?

Do you continually have different aches and pains?

Have you thought that it could possibly be your training regime or daily habits of which are causing this? Over training or using ce

rtain muscle groups too much can lead to injury and or pain and discomfort. This isn't saying that you should stop walking as you are over working your legs. Actually it is the complete opposite. Your body is designed to move, but maybe only to a set amount. Which is when training/ exercise comes in to its own.

For your body to make a physical adaptation, whether that be being able to walk an increased distance or lift an increased amount of weight in the gym it needs to go through a change. A change so that the demands put on the muscles are able to cope with the increased demands which you require from your body. Therefore increasing the weights or distance gradually would allow this to happen.

If you continually push certain muscle groups to keep improving over a short period of time and not allowing them to recover fully this is when injuries can occur (not always!). Not only to that muscle but the other muscles and structures of which work alongside the training muscle. Which is when a good training programme or just changing up what you are doing in your day to day goings on can have a massive positive effect on your body. By keeping your body guessing it will never get 'stuck' in a routine. However, I must stress. If you have got a good training programme of which allows muscle groups to recover then carry on with what you are doing. I'm not saying that there are not positive outcomes from over training a muscle as there are in some instances. All I’m saying is that if you are constantly having those little niggling issues which never seem to go away. Maybe just try something different for a few weeks and see if it helps.

What have you got to lose? Maybe a couple of weeks training but maybe it will help you be niggle/ pain free and allow you to train to your full potential breaking through that plateau you may have had.

I get a lot of clients who come in and see me for treatment where they have been doing the same thing putting increased stress on the same muscles over and over again. I’ve suggested a couple of different things to try as well as stretching to try and reduce the amount of treatment they require. This isn’t always possible to change what it is you are doing. For example if you are training to run a marathon then you need to run this can’t be helped. If you include a good stretching routine post exercise as well as good nutrition this would also help benefit with less time on the treatment couch and more time doing things you want to do.

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