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Monthly Treatment Plan

This plan is in place if you are in requirement of regular treatment. To either stay in prime health or to manage and begin a treatment plan to manage any ongoing problems. It is also a good option for anyone who plays sport who wants to keep in a full bill of health throughout their season or off season. The plan is not in place if you require a treatment for an issue which has arisen, for this you would most probably be best off booking in for a regular appointment.


Having regular treatments is a good way to keep in good health. Each treatment will be used to assess any minor issues which may have arisen since a previous visit as well as prevent any minor issues developing in to a large issue. The treatment plan is not just for people in sporting environments, it’s a good way for all clients, office workers, tradesman, personal trainers etc. to make sure there is no issues which is going to prevent them going to work and earning their living.


Depending upon which option you choose will depend on how many treatments you are entitled to.


The monthly treatment plan entitles you to either 1 or 2, 30 minute treatments per calendar month to be booked in whenever you would like. If a treatment isn’t used in that month then it is ‘lost’ you are not able to carry it over to the following month and it will be reset at the end of each calendar month.  


The price of this service- Standing order;

1 Session per Month - £20

2 Sessions per Month - £40

If you have any questions about which plan is best or the treatment which you may require then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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